Hello and a warm welcome to everyone!

KoM is swedish for come! and also first letters of our names plus an o for ’och’, which is swedish for ’and’! Karin och Maria=Karin and Maria, KaM in english, actually kam is swedish for haircomb… Enough already!!

KoM musik & bar is simply a great live music venue that- in september 2013- reopens again in a bit bigger space than when we first started our venue back in 2001-2005 (then Fredrik ran the place 2006-2010). We are offering more of the same product as when we were last in business; great atmosphere, good food, drinks with various strength and most of all superb live music (sometimes with our own country band PILGRIM!) 80 seatings, stage with a fine PA system, and a good piano are some of our resources in the restaurant. You are welcome to book your music-act for the upcoming season by visiting us personally, email or by calling.

Hello and a warm welcome to everyone!
Karin Forsman & Maria Forsman Larsson

Address and contact:

KoM musik & bar
Karl Johansgatan 152
414 51 Göteborg

Phone: +46 31-14 72 22
Mobile: + 46 72-396 2644

Email: info@kommusikbar.se
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